AirTalk for January 18, 2012

Jerry Brown Delivers California State Of The State Address

Governor Brown's State of the State

Governor Jerry Brown is expected to expand on fiscal frugality while encouraging support for multi-billion dollar investment projects at the same time.
Mercer 18506

L.A. first city to require condoms in porn

Los Angeles City Council became the first city to require condom use for porn actors in adult films, but will the adult film industry comply?
Paula Deen Signs Copies Of "Paula's Southern Cooking Bible"

Is Paula Deen your cook and your doctor?

Celebrity chef Paula Deen - famed on stacking copious amounts of butter and sugar in her cooking - revealed her type-2 diabetes diagnosis after hiding it from the public eye for three years.
Eddie Brill At Animal Fair Magazine Canine Comedy Event
After a decade, late-night comedian Dave Letterman’s show booker lost his job when he claimed that he hardly scheduled any female comedians because they were less "authentic." Does the industry and audience still favor men over women?
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