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One woman’s quest for social justice in America

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"Power Concedes Nothing: One Woman's Quest for Social Justice in America, from the Courtroom to the Kill Zones" By Connie Rice

In her new book “Power Concedes Nothing,” Connie Rice, one of America’s most prominent and successful civil rights attorneys, explores the origins and inspiration for her life’s work defending the underdog in cases against the LAPD, unfair employers and corrupt local governments.

The memoir chronicles Rice’s journey and those who inspired her starting with her father, a U.S. Air Force Major who broke racial barriers in his own carreer. Her mother was a school teacher with a passion for learning who taught Rice to revere great women leaders in history like Queen Elizabeth, Anne Frank and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.

Rice went to Harvard undergrad and NYU law school. After joining the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in 1990, she moved from the courtroom to the streets of the “kill zones” in the wake of the LAPD beating of Rodney King in 1991. The lessons she learned from the invisible poor of Los Angeles changed her mission forever. Rice discovered that a city that buries its underclass, does so at its own imperil.

Rice counts among her allies LAPD police chiefs William Bratton and Charlie Beck, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, and gang interventionists such as Darren “Bo” Taylor. Rice joins Larry in-studio to talk about her tales of life in the trenches and fighting the good fight.


Connie Rice, author of “Power Concedes Nothing: One Woman's Quest for Social Justice in America, from the Courtroom to the Kill Zones” (Scribner). Rice is an attorney and civil rights activist.

Connie Rice will discuss and sign “Power Concedes Nothing” at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena tonight @ 7:00pm. For more info click here.

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