AirTalk for January 23, 2012

GOP Candidate Newt Gingrich Holds Primary Night Gathering

Tracking the campaign trail with NPR’s Ken Rudin

Tonight, NBC Television will host yet another GOP debate – the 18th of the cycle.
Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Hold Rally On National Mall

Super PACS larger than presidential campaigns?

Chances are, you’ve heard about the tongue-in-cheek effort by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to educate Americans about Super PACS. So what are these groups exactly and are they bigger than the campaigns this election year?
Penn State Community Shaken By Sex Abuse Scandal

The great JoePa dies, leaving behind mixed legacy

For 46 years Joe Paterno was the roar behind Penn State’s Nittany Lions. Yesterday, he passed away from lung cancer, and some say the loss over his job sent him over the edge.

Bratton and Tumin on collaborating across boundaries

In "Collaborate or Perish!," William Bratton and Zachary Tumin offer up their own professional experiences by way of demonstrating how teamwork is not only central to success, it’s imperative.
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