AirTalk for February 2, 2012

Teacher Classroom Bondage

New allegations in the case against school teacher

Angry parents are questioning how an elementary school teacher accused of lewd acts against 23 boys and girls from 2005-2010, went undetected for so long.
Mercer 19783

Just how polarized are we, really?

‘Tis the season for campaign slug fests, negative political ads and extreme rhetoric. Given all this, it’s easy to get the sense that Americans are more divided than ever.
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Bird flu research – science for good or evil

This week, a federal agency on biosecurity likened new bird-flu research to nuclear-bomb experiments.
Against a background of the Los Angeles

The great debate: Eastside vs. Westside

Our side of town often defines us, whether we like it or not. Where do you stand?
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