AirTalk for February 6, 2012

GOP Candidate For President Mitt Romney Holds Nevada Caucus Night Gathering

Romney takes Nevada, but Gingrich vows to stay the course

This year’s GOP race has been the most rambunctious in decades, with four different candidates in as many months taking turns at the top of the food chain.
Teacher Classroom Bondage
Enraged parents protesting at Miramonte Elementary school today say they no longer feel their children are safe in the school’s classrooms after sex abuse allegations against two teachers.
Ebony Cover

How is African-American news media evolving?

Last month, one of the oldest magazines to focus on the Black American community fast-forwarded to the future.
A Kuwaiti demonstrator holds a sign whic

US pulls its diplomats out of embattled Syria

Since Saturday, Syrian forces have been shelling the city of Homs, slamming residential areas and a makeshift medical clinic.

What online privacy?

Everything you do online can be used against you.

The unfinished revolution

Wael Ghonim was the head of marketing for Google Middle East and North Africa when the Egyptian revolution broke out.
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