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Miramonte reopens after two-day shutdown

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Miramonte Elementary students and parents protest outside their school. Vanessa Romo/KPCC

Students are returning to Miramonte Elementary School after a two-day shutdown amid sex abuse scandals that resulted in the firing of two teachers. The students, however, won’t recognize their teachers or administration officials, after the removal of the entire, original staff was ordered by the district’s Superintendant John Deasy. Deasy ordered the removal with the hope of ensuring the students' safety and gaining their parents' trust back.

The school came under intense scrutiny from parents after the arrests of former teachers Mark Berndt and Martin Bernard Springer. Berndt is charged with lewd acts against nearly two dozen children, while Springer faces three felony counts of lewd acts upon a child. Now investigative sources say a third arrest is likely.


How do parents feel about returning their kids to school? Do they think their children are safe? Can the district regain their trust? What are the students’ sentiments? How will they react when they don’t recognize their teachers or administrators?


Vanessa Romo, KPCC Education Reporter, is at Miramonte

Maria Ozuna, Parent of two Miramonte students

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