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Oscar nominated documentary director goes to Hell and Back

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Sergeant Nathan Harris on the battlefield. Danfung Dennis

The Oscar nominated documentary “Hell and Back Again” follows Sergeant Nathan Harris as he’s sent deep into enemy territory in Afghanistan in 2009, and is injured there by Taliban fighters. When he leaves the war-torn country, he tries to acclimate back to life in North Carolina.

Photojournalist-turned-documentary filmmaker Danfung Dennis’s film clearly illustrates the violence and horror of war, as well as the sadness and devastation the wars have wrought on the lives of the people who are fighting them.

When we see Harris back home in north Carolina he’s crippled by flashbacks, heavily medicated, battling addiction and his long-suffering wife is trying hard to figure out who her husband is after so many years fighting overseas. According to critics the film is human, dignified and stunningly shot with a photographer’s eye towards color and clarity.


Danfung Dennis, Director of “Hell and Back Again”; Photojournalist who spent years chronicling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

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