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Your pick for the worst car ever made!

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The 2001 Pontiac Aztec was the no. 1 pick for the the worst car of all time.

Everyone has fond memories of their first car, but for many of us the first one was the worst one. Well now we finally have a definitive list of the absolute worst cars ever made. The experts at have put together their list of the top 100 Worst Cars Ever, and last week Los Angeles Times auto writer Jerry Hirsch made his picks for the top 10 worst. Well it's about time we had a real Hall of Shame for the worst of the worst of auto industry so we’ll run down the top ten and then take your picks for the absolute worst car ever made.


So…who will take the top spot? Will it be the Plymouth Cricket? The Saturn Ion? Or everyone’s favorite punching bag, the Yugo? What's your vehicular Saab story?


Jerry Hirsch, Staff writer covering the auto industry, Los Angeles Times

Scott Oldham, Editor in Chief, Edmunds dot com

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