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Valentine’s Day dates & gifts gone wrong, very, very wrong

by AirTalk®

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A bouquet of roses always makes a nice Valentine's Day gift...unless the recipient is allergic to roses. nikilok/Flickr (cc by-nc-nd)

Oh the pressure! It’s Valentine’s Day, which means many of us are feeling that creeping, gnawing, feeling of pink terror. Yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be all about love and roses. But who hasn’t had a Valentine’s Day from hell? Even for those lucky few in happy relationships, having to prove one’s devotion with flowers or candy or some grand gesture, can be too much. Are those the right flowers? Is that the candy she’s not allergic to? Will French poetry make her swoon or seethe? Everyone’s messed up a time or two – some royally.


What’s your worst V-Day story? Was it a gift that should never have been given? Were you “treated” to a terrible dinner at some fast food joint? Dumped on the pinkest day of the year? Trust us, we’ve been there. So give us a call and share your memories if Valentine’s Day woes.

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