AirTalk for February 16, 2012

Mercer 9267

Are you being stalked…by an app?

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible not to invade someone’s privacy, or have your own invaded.
Obama Discusses 2013 Budget At Visit To Community College In VA

Will Obama cash big checks from SoCal donors?

Politicos in fundraising circles refer to California as a giant ATM.
HBO Documentary Screening Of Paradise Lost 3: PURGATORY

Paradise lost; freedom found

In May of 1993, three eight year-old boys were found brutally murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas.
Mercer 8235

Study: more couples “marry out” as acceptance grows

Marriage may be at a record low in America, but interracial marriage is soaring, according to a Pew study released today.

Sin City celebrates its Mob history with new museum

What most differentiates Las Vegas from other cities that cater to vice? Its Mob origins.

Gluttons for information

We spend 11 hours out of every 24 consuming. Not eating, not drinking but gorging ourselves on the information spewed to us from screens and speakers.
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