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Two-fer Tuesday: Romney wins Michigan and Arizona

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Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) tours a manufacturing facility following a campaign rally at American Posts on February 29, 2012 in Toledo, Ohio. A day after winning the Michigan and Arizona primaries, Mitt Romney is campaigning in Ohio ahead of Super Tuesday. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have turned the Republican nomination for president into a two-man race, leaving Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich in the dust. Today we have winners in two key states, Arizona and the much-discussed Michigan primary.

The Great Lakes State is Mitt Romney’s home state and his father served as Governor there. Romney needed a win to maintain momentum, even more than he needed the delegates. Romney squeaked this one out, taking 41 percent of the vote to Rick Santorum’s 37 percent.

But Sanoturm saw the close vote as a big win for himself. In fact, if you were listening to Santorum’s post-election speech, you might not have noticed it was a concession. Arizona was more cut and dried with Romney taking it 47 to 26.


So, what do the results mean with Super Tuesday on the horizon? Who has momentum going into the next round of nominating contests? Will Paul and Gingrich remain in the race even after big losses in two more states? And, what’s the likelihood of a brokered convention this summer?


Jonathan Wilcox, Republican Strategist; former speech writer for Governor Pete Wilson

Matt Rodriguez, Democratic strategist; former senior Obama advisor in 2008, now runs the Los Angeles office for the Dewey Square Group.

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