AirTalk for March 12, 2012

US soldiers keep watch at the entrance o

Deadly shooting in Kandahar by U.S. soldier

Does this event demonstrate a need for change in U.S. policy toward Afghanistan?
Mercer 11768

We’re saving daylight, people…but why?

Today is the second day of Daylight Savings Time (DST), a process in which we all turn our clocks forward an hour and wake up with less time than we had yesterday.
U.S. Supreme Court building

Preview of SCOTUS battle over health care

We are two weeks away from one of the most significant Supreme Court hearings in American history.
In the wake of the Miramonte scandal, LAUSD board members will be unveiling two possible resolutions to protect children from sexual predators in schools tomorrow.
Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Most adults who are already steeped in their lives and careers might argue that it’s unlikely.
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