AirTalk for March 13, 2012

GOP Presidential Candidate Campaigns In Michigan On Day Of State's Primary
The Republican presidential nominating race continues today with primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, and caucuses in Hawaii and American Samoa.
Mercer 20383
Payday lending, or short-term-high-interest loans, have been on the rise in the last couple of years as many struggle to pay bills and put food on the table in a bad economy.
Laboratories Analyse Meat And Sausage Samples

A burger a day means your health will decay, study claims

We know already that red meat is high in saturated fats and is tied to all sorts of diseases. A new Harvard study gets even more precise in the types and amounts of meat that cause harm.

Using the homeless as Wi-Fi hotspots

Every year in March, hundreds of thousands of music fans ascend onto the streets and clubs of Austin, Texas for the South By Southwest Music Festival.
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