AirTalk for April 18, 2012

Afghans look on from a lit hut at dusk i
Los Angeles Times readers who opened their paper to page 4 today were greeted with a macabre image.

Can our garbage be used for good?

Climate change, peak oil, high energy costs, straining budgets – these are just some of the global problems tied to our collective approach to trash.
Hillary Clinton Hosts Meeting Of G8 Foreign Ministers
As many as 150 schoolgirls in Afghanistan were sickened by poisoning at their high school yesterday, Reuters reports.
A proposal to lower graduation requirements has been put forward by the Los Angeles Board of Education.
Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs

The glory days of the Dodgers, LA’s Boys in Blue

With all the turmoil that has surrounded the Dodgers this past year, many fans who bleed blue are looking back to remind themselves of better times for the storied franchise.
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