AirTalk for April 23, 2012

SB 1070 gets its day in court

On Wednesday the Supreme Court will finally hear oral arguments in Arizona v. United States, the case on the controversial immigration law.
Pope Benedict XVI is welcomed by bishops

The Vatican orders reforms for progressive nuns

The Catholic Church has come a long way since Vatican II opened the door to reform and loosened age-old restrictions for the modern congregation.
Mercer 18672

Robots stole my job! Essay grading edition

A new automated reader developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) can grade 16,000 student essays in 20 seconds.

It’s always been the economy, stupid

The economy is an issue that’s been at the forefront of nearly everyone’s mind for the past few years, and with the presidential election heating up, it’s grabbing even more of the spotlight than usual.
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