AirTalk for April 30, 2012

No legal shield for Baca in jail racial violence case

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling could see Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca sued for racial gang violence in jails he oversees.
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, has passed the House of Representatives and is heading for the Senate where it faces an uphill battle.

New protections for job seekers with criminal records

It's estimated 65 million Americans with criminal records face barriers when looking for work. Some of those barriers are within the law, but new federal guidelines want to prevent unreasonable screening out of job seekers.
Allstate BCS Championship - Preview
College football fans, the time to rejoice might be near.

Listen to this playlist and call me in the morning

Sony’s Walkman and Apple’s iPod are the two most famous gadgets that put a person’s record collection in their pocket, allowing us to walk around with our own personal life soundtrack.
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