AirTalk for May 14, 2012

Who will win the magazine cover wars?

Barack Obama has been married to a woman for about 20 years but according to this week’s cover of Newsweek he just became our first gay president.
Mercer 6963
Alec Loorz is a regular kid about to graduate from high school. He’ s studying for final exams, playing Ultimate Frisbee on the weekends and, oh yeah, suing the federal government.
California Governor Brown Speaks At Boeing Facility During Debut Of New 787 Dreamliner
Gov. Brown's revised $91 billion budget will cut health care and welfare spending, halt construction of new courthouses and temporarily increase taxes.
Protestors scuffle with riot police duri
Stalls in talks to form a new government in Greece could result in the troubled, cash strapped nation turning its back on the Euro.
57th Annual Emmy Awards - Show

The King of Late Night

In a new documentary film, two-time Emmy-winning filmmaker Peter Jones explores the life, career, complexities, and contradictions of Johnny Carson.
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