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Internet poker could boost California budget coffers

GBR: Children Get Online Gambling Habit

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With further budget cuts on the horizon for California, funds could be generated for the state with the legalization of Internet poker. Senate leader Darrell Steinberg and state Senator Roderick Wright have co-authored a bill which, if it gets the go ahead, could raised $200 million a year for cash-strapped California.

The proposal received a boost from the U.S Department of Justice last year which stated that federal law does not prevent states from allowing some forms of Internet gambling. Other bills to legalize online poker have also been introduced in Hawaii, Mississippi, Florida, New Jersey, Iowa and Nevada. Critics of the bill say that legalizing online gambling would create further problems for those battling addiction.

Should Internet poker be legalized? If you are a gambling addict or live with one, are you concerned that legalization could make it easier to feed that addiction? Given that California is low on funds, should all options be considered to generate revenue?


Rev. James Butler, Executive Director of the California Coaltion Against Gambling Expansion

John Pappas, ED of the Poker Players Alliance

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