AirTalk for May 15, 2012

GBR: Children Get Online Gambling Habit

Internet poker could boost California budget coffers

With further budget cuts on the horizon for California, funds could be generated for the state with the legalization of Internet poker.
The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission on Monday voted 8-to-1 to give day-to-day control of the Coliseum to the University of Southern California, thus essentially ending the public’s stewardship of the historic venue.
Drones, otherwise known as unmanned aircraft, have been used by the CIA in Pakistan and by other American military agencies elsewhere in the world.
Angry little boy, psychopath

Should a child be labeled a psychopath?

Children of all ages are known to "act out," throwing tantrums or sulking to get their own way. But when should a parent become concerned that these actions mean something more sinister?

Eli Broad and the art of being unreasonable

As one of the most well known philanthropists and entrepreneurs nationwide, Eli Broad has worked with U.S. presidents and world leaders.
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