AirTalk for May 16, 2012

Laws protecting teacher tenure rules in California are being challenged in the courts.
President Barack Obama and GOP hopeful Mitt Romney

Obama campaign goes on the attack, Romney counters

Barack Obama’s campaign went on the offensive this week with an ad targeting Mitt Romney’s time running the investment firm, Bain Capital Investments.
District Attorney Steve Cooley is readying grand jury indictments for the criminal probe into Assessor John Noguez's office, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Work Visa Immigration Paperwork File
UC Davis economist Giovanni Peri is proposing an auction system in which U.S companies would bid electronically for permits to hire immigrant workers.
Staples Center
The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles is not only home to basketball’s Lakers and Clippers, but it also houses hockey’s Kings.
In his new book “Every Nation for Itself” author and global risk analyst Ian Bremmer argues that world governance is failing.
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