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John Edwards trial is wrapping up, how likely is a conviction?

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Former Senator John Edwards leaves the US Federal Courthouse after the first day of jury selection on April 12, 2012 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Jury selection begins as the former presidential candidate faces a criminal trial for campaign finance violations. Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Neither mistress Rielle Hunter or John Edwards himself took the stand in the former presidential candidate’s federal corruption trial this week. Both sides will present their closing arguments today and the case will likely be before a jury by tomorrow.

Edwards is charged with taking over a million dollars in illegal campaign contributions. Contributions which his defense team says were simply gifts from supporters that wanted to help him keep a salacious extramarital affair under wraps. According to the defense, which rested yesterday after just three days, Edwards didn’t even know that the his aide, Andrew Young, was requesting the money from wealthy donors and Young spent most of the money on himself instead of handing it over to Rielle Hunter.

How will the jury find? Is Edwards headed to a guilty verdict?


Michael Rich, Assistant Professor of Law, Elon University School of Law. Has been attending the Edwards trial in Greensboro, NC

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