AirTalk for May 24, 2012

Rally For Marriage Equality Held At San Francisco City Hall
According to the latest Gallup polls, public opinion on gay marriage and birth control has become increasingly more liberal.
San Francisco To Ban Non-Recyclable Plastic Bags

Say goodbye to plastic bags in LA grocery stores?

After four years of debate and discussion, the Los Angeles City Council has moved forward on a ban on plastic bags.
High school graduation
In a recent research paper from the University of California at Santa Barbara, evidence shows college students have it easier than ever.
Romney Visits Philadelphia Charter School

Romney education plan heavy on ‘parental choice'

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney yesterday gave back-to-back speeches on education, revealed his education policy team and released his white paper on school reform.
Call it the opposite of “like” in Facebook terms. Facebook’s troubled and high-profile initial public stock offering has come under fire from both lawmakers and lawyers alike.

Edmunds releases 100 most powerful cars list

Think you know muscle cars? Think again. The car experts at Edmunds just released a turbo-charged list of the 100 most powerful cars – of all time.
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