AirTalk for May 31, 2012

Mercer 19289

Grand plans for OC’s Great Park in trouble

Plans to build one of America's greatest urban parks in the heart of Orange County hit another stumbling block today.
Teachers Rally To Highlight Proposed Budget Cuts
A coalition of teachers, parents and advocates today will present a new proposed evaluation system for L.A. Unified School District and teachers union to agree on.
Sen. Schumer Speaks To The Media On Super PACs

The $1 billion campaign

“POLITICO” reporters have crunched the numbers from various Republican groups and learned they plan a "record $1 billion blitz" on the races for the White House and Congress.

Bloomberg goes Taliban on large sodas

The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is getting tough on sugar crime.
Men are flocking to jobs that have typically been held by women.
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