AirTalk for June 12, 2012

Busybody or good citizen? Man videotapes neighbor beating his stepson

Oscar Lopez

A screen shot of the video taken by neighbor Oscar Lopez showing the alleged incident

No one wants to get a rap as a nosy neighbor. But if you saw or heard someone abusing a child, how would you react? One El Centro man recently videotaped his neighbor apparently whipping his stepson with a belt for dropping a baseball during a game of catch.

He posted the video online, then turned it over to sheriff’s investigators, which led to Anthony Sanchez’ arrest on suspicion of felony child abuse. Sanchez, a director with the Imperial Irrigation District, has subsequently resigned his post.

Did the neighbor do the right thing? Have you seen behavior in your neighbors that makes you uncomfortable? Would you step in if you thought a child was in danger?


Dr. Astrid Heger, Executive Director, Violence Intervention Program at Los Angeles County & University of Southern California Medical Center; Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

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