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Brown calls for deeper budget cuts from lawmakers – but from where?

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California Gov. Jerry Brown points to a chart that shows dollar amounts in the millions that were cut from the State's budget Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

With just two days to go until a constitutional deadline for passing California's budget, Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic lawmakers remain at loggerheads.

They can't reach agreement over how to bridge a $15.7 billion deficit and remain divided on the key issue of California's welfare-to-work program, CalWorks. Under the governor's proposal, child care and welfare grants would end after two years instead of four for parents not in work or pursuing training, saving an estimated $880 million.

Democratic lawmakers presented their plans to the Assembly and Senate, but in a statement, Governor Brown said the budget proposal still "puts us into a hole in succeeding years."

Is Governor Brown right to target the CalWorks program in an effort to bridge the deficit? What other measures could be taken to balance the books? What are your feelings on the continued problems with the budget, year after year?


Julie Small, KPCC's State Capital Reporter

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