AirTalk for June 27, 2012

Stockton, CA Leads Nation In Rate Of Foreclosures

How will bankruptcy affect Stockton, Calif.?

The city of Stockton is following in the footsteps of millions of cash strapped Americans and filing for bankruptcy.

The Arab-American Dream on the big screen

As resistances calling for democracy continue in Middle Eastern Arab countries, it is easy to overlook the lives of those who have emigrated from their home countries to the United States.
Allstate BCS Championship - Preview

College football gets four-team playoff

The Bowl Championship Series is dead: Long live the college football playoff.
Kiva City 14

Microloans come to the Southland

You might not have heard about Kiva City LA, but it could be one of the best ways to spur economic growth in Southern California.

The clandestine art of modern spies

In the days after the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, the CIA launched a global covert operations effort to combat terrorism.
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