AirTalk for July 12, 2012

Jerry Sandusky
Top officials at Penn State University have been criticized for turning a blind eye to sex abuse allegations against football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Taking charge of your medical care

Health care as a team sport? That’s how it should be, says patient advocate Martine Ehrenclou.
Despite National Drop, Foreclosures In Connecticut On The Rise

Do higher taxes cause people to move?

While most Americans these days feel that any tax is too high, some could be taking such resentment to the next level.
Thailand Boasts Top Resorts

Family vacations: Best with or without the kids?

Family vacations might seem like a good idea at first. But sometimes, the competing agendas and stress, outweigh the benefits for parents as well as kids. What’s the ideal family vacation? A romantic getaway focused on strengthening a couple’s relationship? Or a trip that includes the whole family?

A true tale of the modern west

The Wild West is not dead – it lives on in the vast Mojave desert north of Los Angeles.
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