AirTalk for July 16, 2012

Department Of Justice And FL Gov. Rick Scott Battle Over Controversial Non-Citizen Voter Purge
Feds grant Florida right to access citizens list to purge ineligible voters

Could the Station Fire happen again?

It's been three years since the devastating, deadly Station Fire. The Forest Service promised a report on what could have been done better, but has yet to deliver.
Could a genetically modified apple change whether we reach for a piece of fruit or for a candy bar?
California To Outlaw Texting While Driving In 2009
Drivers still do it, but texting while driving has been illegal in California for more than three years.
British student, Richard O'Dwyer (R) and

US seeks to extradite British piracy enabler

To some, he’s a video game-playing British college student who started a search engine out of his dorm room.

Science author tackles the mystery of manhood

"Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? And Other Reflections on Being Human" offers a rumination on all the parts that make up who we are.
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