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LAPD investigates response to Occupy LA chalk drawings

A downtown wall displays words of protest written in chalk.
A downtown wall displays words of protest written in chalk.
Eric Zassenhaus/KPCC

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The Los Angeles Police Department has launched a thorough investigation into clashes with protestors at last Thursday's downtown Art Walk.

Occupy LA activists took to the streets at 5th and Spring with chalk drawings, to campaign against planned downtown developments. They say this was not a protest. Later in the evening, seventeen people were arrested following clashes with police who called the Occupy gathering an "unlawful assembly." In an initial report, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says his officers "overall responded appropriately", but a more through overall review is needed.

Should Occupy activists be permitted to draw on the streets? Are you surprised at the LAPD’s response? If you attend the Art Walk, what questions do you have about the safety of the event?


Rina Palta, Crime and Safety Reporter, KPCC

Melissa Leu, Staff Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Carol Sobel, Co-Chair, Mass Defense Committee of the National Lawyers Guild