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Should James Holmes have been able to buy stockpiles of ammo?

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James Holmes (L) makes his first court appearance at the Arapahoe County Courthouse with his public defender Tamara Brady on July 23, 2012 in Centennial, Colorado. Pool/Getty Images

Today, James Holmes appeared in court for the first time since the midnight mass shooting in Aurora, CO. Holmes appeared emotional at times and dazed at others while sitting in front of the judge.

According to authorities, Holmes is unwilling to cooperate with investigators and could face the death penalty. However, Carol Chambers, the district attorney in the case, stressed that pursuing such a path would first require consultation with the victims’ families, some of which were present today at the hearing.

Holmes started buying guns two months ago at local shops, but the most extreme items on his inventory were 6,000 rounds of ammunition, all of which were purchased over the Internet.

What is the legality of purchasing that much ammo? Is there an upper limit? Should there be? Are there any practices in place to monitor extreme buying practices such as this? Do we need more regulation? Is the system we have now sufficient?


Louis Sahagun, staff writer for The Los Angeles Times

Jim Hooley, Reporter, KOA News Radio (was in court this morning)

Ben Van Houten, Managing Attorney, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Jeffrey Miron, director of undergraduate studies at Harvard University's Department of Economics; Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

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