AirTalk for July 23, 2012

First Court Hearing Held For Alleged CO Movie Theater Shooter
Today, James Holmes appeared in court for the first time since the midnight mass shooting in Aurora, CO.

Who will be Mitt Romney’s running mate?

In August, the Republican Party faithful will gather in Tampa, Florida for the official crowning of Mitt Romney as the GOP's presidential candidate.
Chick-fil-A founder and Chairman S.Truet

Chick-fil-A takes a stand on gay marriage

Have you ever wondered if the businesses you frequent share your political views?
Security Stepped Up At Movie And TV Studios After Attempted Terror Attack
A deal was struck between DirectTV and Viacom early Friday, restoring 26 networks to subscribers including MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.
Previews Ahead Of London 2012 Olympic Games

The art and science behind the sound of the Olympics

Not everything you hear through your television set is ‘real sound.’ Even in the Olympic Games.
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