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Decision day for controversial Cadiz water project

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The Cadiz Valley water project would pump groundwater from an aquifer in the Mojave Desert. Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Tonight, a long, drawn-out water war comes to a head in Mission Viejo.

It's a public meeting to review the latest analysis of the proposed Cadiz Valley water project — an effort to pump groundwater from an aquifer in the eastern Mojave Desert and sell it to local water agencies.

Earlier this month, the final environmental impact report was released, all 1,664 pages of it. The players and their positions remain the same.

Proponents, including Cadiz Inc. that owns the land, say the 35,000-acre Cadiz land can supply drinking water for 400,000 people.

It was first proposed more than a decade ago, but failed to win over opponents which included environmentalists, some local businesses and a long list of desert residents.

What are the costs and benefits of this water project? Who gets to greenlight it ultimately?


Seth Shteir, California desert field representative, National Parks and Conservation Association

Scott Slater, President, Cadiz Inc.

Public hearings on the final environmental impact report for the Cadiz groundwater pumping project will be held July 25 at 6:30 p.m. at:

Norman P. Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo
Copper Mountain College, Bell Center Community Room (via video conference),6162 Rotary Way, Joshua Tree
For information, go to, or call 949-459-6400

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