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AirTalk for July 25, 2012

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Anaheim Residents Protest Police Shootings Over Weekend
Last night, amid sometimes-violent protests, Anaheim’s City Hall voted to ask federal authorities to investigate the city’s recent police shootings. “Violence will not be tolerated,” said Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait at a press conference this morning. “Our response will be swift and appropriate to violence, arson and vandalism.”
Joshua Trees Grow In the Mojave Desert

Decision day for controversial Cadiz water project

An effort to pump groundwater from an aquifer in the eastern Mojave Desert and sell it to local water agencies will be discussed during a public meeting tonight in Mission Viejo.
Green Camel Collective

Pot clinics go up in smoke after city council vote

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously (14-0) last night to ban marijuana dispensaries in the city, where the number of pot shops have mushroomed in recent years.
Just exactly when did the sixties end, and the seventies begin?

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