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AirTalk for July 30, 2012

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U.S. Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Visits Jerusalem
At a campaign breakfast this morning for wealthy Republican donors in Jerusalem, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney weighed in on the economic disparity between Israel and Palestine.
California State Parks

Missing state parks money turns up in off-road fund

The storm swirling around California’s state parks system has now moved off-road. Why?

London Olympics 2012: Weekend recap

The 2012 summer Olympics kicked off last Friday with the “Isles of Wonder” themed Opening Ceremony in London.
City of Commerce Aquatic Center

Why are swimming pools closing?

The height of summer conjures images of long lazy days lying by the pool or ocean — but if swimming is the only sport that can save your life, why are pools closing?
Barack Obama was elected in part due to the fact that his message of hope and change struck a chord with the idealistic side of voters.

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