AirTalk for August 14, 2012

Ripping out parking meters in San Pedro and Wilmington to attract more shoppers

Photo from Joe Buscaino's office.

City Councilman Joe Buscaino at a parking meter removal event

Over the last few years, parts of Los Angeles has seen parking meter rates increase and old coin meters switched out to high-tech credit-card-accepting meters. But this week, San Pedro and Willmington have started ripping out 645 parking meters. The move hopes to increase traffic to local businesses; the increased sales tax revenue is projected to make up on the money lost on parking fees in the area.

So, how do parking meters and parking accessibility affect local businesses in the city? Can adjusting parking improve sales? What Los Angeles parking issues would you like to see addressed?


Joe Buscaino, Councilman for the 15th District in Los Angeles

Tej Sundher, owner, Hollywood Wax Museum and Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum

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