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School bells ring early for LAUSD students

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Summer is officially over for LAUSD students; the first day back is today, August 14th Tami Abdollah / KPCC

If it seems like summer gets shorter and shorter every year, you’re not imagining things. Today is back-to-school day for students throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District – the first time on a new, two-semester schedule.

The school board first adopted an early start date for high schools in order to align them with college semesters. It then followed that it made sense to bring the younger grades in as well. One advantage? Students now have extra time to prepare for state exams – and a winter break that’s study-free. Nevertheless, it somehow feels fundamentally wrong to send kids back to classrooms during the dog days.

Has the early start disrupted your family’s summer? Did you have to forgo a vacation, or jettison your kids’ plans for camp? Or are you happy to send bored, mopy kids back to air conditioned classrooms, and have the beach to yourself?


Tom Waldman, director of media and communications for Los Angeles Unified School District

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