AirTalk for August 14, 2012

Students bus Loyola Village Elementary School

School bells ring early for LAUSD students

If it seems like summer gets shorter and shorter every year, you’re not imagining things. Today is back-to-school day for students throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District – the first time on a new semester schedule.
Over the last few years, parts of Los Angeles has seen parking meter rates increase and old coin meters switched out to high-tech credit-card-accepting meters.
TO GO WITH STORY BY China-Politics-Party
We check in with Eva restaurant owner Mark Gold, whose policy of offering a 5-percent discount for customers who give up their cell phones went viral last week.

Egyptian President Morsi sacks military chiefs

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi replaced several top military leaders on Sunday, sharply shifting Egypt’s balance of power.

Obama and Romney must appeal to swingers

With Barack Obama and Mitt Romney running nearly neck-and-neck at this juncture (the president has a slight lead in the polls), the 2012 presidential election may very well be decided by the ‘swing vote.’
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