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Gearing up for the Republican National Convention: what planks will make it into the GOP platform?

We're setting the stage for the RNC which begins next week on August 27th
We're setting the stage for the RNC which begins next week on August 27th
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A week ahead of the Republican National Convention, a group of 112 delegates are meeting today to draft the party’s official platform.

For the next two days, the party elite will draft a 50-to-60-page document that will define what the Grand Old Party stands for. The group has the tricky job of drafting a document that is specific enough to stay relevant, yet broad enough to not alienate the party’s many philosophical flavors.

Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell, one of the Platform Committee’s chairs, told the Washington Post, the document must be “clear and concise” and must “embody the heart and soul of what the Republican party believes in.” The document will most likely include support for balancing the budget, but social issues will be a balancing out for a party that includes Log Cabin Republicans and the Family Research Council under its umbrella.

How will the party unify the many different points of view? What will it need to do to energize the party’s base in this presidential election year? What is a platform and is it relevant? What are the issues the delegates need to address to keep the party relevant?


Doyle McManus, Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times

Tim Lefever, Chairman of the Board, Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) in Sacramento

Jonathan Wilcox, Republican Strategist; former speech writer for Governor Pete Wilson