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Are you among the 90 million Americans who won’t vote in November?

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Even though they are well-informed, 90 million registered voters won't make it to the polls this November Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Two thirds of them are registered to vote, and an overwhelming majority says the government plays an important role in their lives.

But come November you won’t see this crowd at the voting booth. They’re the unlikely voters, and there are 90 million Americans who fit the description, according to a USA Today poll. Even well-informed citizens who are passionate about the issues may sit out an election now and again. Many say they’re too busy, or think their vote doesn’t matter.

Yet, the poll found that unlikely voters aren’t apathetic: they favor President Obama 2-1 over Mitt Romney. Some have spouses who are fully on board with one of the candidates. A big turn out of these unlikelies could turn a close contest into a landslide.

So, why are they sitting on the sidelines? We want to hear your stories of civic disengagement. If you aren’t voting this November, why not? Do you face pressure from your family or friends to get involved? And what would change your mind?


As election season nears, KPCC political reporters want to know what makes you go to the polls or stay away. Here's the link to our questions on

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