AirTalk for August 23, 2012

Officially, he’s Supervisor Yaroslavsky, holding one of the most powerful positions in local government.

Land of plenty, home of the waste

Looked in the fridge lately? Are molds gathering on last week’s Fettuccine Alfredo or slime lurking on that heirloom lettuce?
Sacramento is abuzz this week over what not might at first seem like a sexy subject: the state’s environmental regulation, called the California Environmental Quality Act.
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs

Dads have a biological clock too

A team of researchers in Iceland has made a genetic discovery that could have major implications for older dads.

Lost sleep may be linked to racial differences

The correlation between sleep quality and overall health has long been known; lack of shut-eye has been shown to contribute to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Having your marriage and cheating on it too

It’s the stuff of daytime soaps, country music lyrics and French cinema, and it usually ends badly. There’s no good way to cheat on your spouse ... or is there?
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