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What’s Romney’s vision beyond America’s borders?

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Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisor Robert O'Brien sits for an interview with Larry Mantle at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 28, 2012. Lauren Osen/KPCC

Amid the expected discussion of the economy and health care, and the sudden conversation on rape and abortion—one major policy area has been missing from the campaigns: foreign policy. While the rise of the Super PACs and super donor Sheldon Adelson has brought Israel into focus, many voters don’t know much about Mitt Romney’s agenda for dealing with other nations.

So how are the Republicans drawing a line between their goals and President Obama’s? We hear the pitch from a Romney advisor and alum of the Bush administration. And a journalist who’s followed Romney and Ryan’s records closely says, Republicans used to be at the forefront of strategy and diplomacy in the rest of the world, but no longer have a sound vision.


Robert C. O’Brien, At-Large California Delegate, Senior advisor to Mitt Romney on foreign affairs and national security; Former U.S. representative to the United Nations during the George W. Bush administration; Attorney & Partner, Arent Fox international law firm

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