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Live from Tampa: Republican National Convention officially begins

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A woman sweeps the floor before the start of the second day of the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

While weather might have derailed the Republican National Convention yesterday, everything is full steam ahead today. Sessions will begin in earnest this afternoon, and the main objective for the GOP seems to be reshaping and presenting Mitt Romney’s image to the voting public.

One effort to do just that will be made by wife, Ann Romney, who is giving a speech tonight that will surely touch on the personal aspects of her husband’s character. Romney himself will be in Tampa Bay today to witness Ann’s performance. Also speaking will be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, an outspoken Romney supporter with a flair for entertainment who will certainly pull off a few memorable lines from behind the podium, whether scripted or not.

What speakers are you paying particular attention to? Will the presence of others help inform your opinion of Mitt Romney, or do you need to hear more from the man himself? Today’s convention theme is “We Built This.” How will Republicans across the board hammer that message home to further distance themselves from President Obama’s policies on economic growth, particularly with small businesses?


Marty Kady, Congressional Reporter for POLITICO

Christina Bellantoni, Politics Editor at PBS NewsHour

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