AirTalk for August 28, 2012

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2
While weather might have derailed the Republican National Convention yesterday, everything is full steam ahead today.

On the road with Romney’s California delegates

Larry Mantle interviews Tom Brokaw at the 2012 Republican National Convention

Tom Brokaw says political conventions need a makeover

Tom Brokaw, who has been to 22 separate conventions over the decades, says political conventions are too expensive and don't serve the voting public.
Larry Mantle interviews Antonio Villaraigosa at RNC
Mitt Romney arrives in Tampa tonight for the Republican National Convention.
Former Governor of California, Pete Wilson

CA’s former governor talks state politics at the RNC

Former governor of California, Pete Wilson, talks to Larry Mantle about California's role in the Republican Party, his regret about Prop 187, and why women should give Romney/Ryan ticket a chance.
Rep. Darrell Issa Larry Mantle at the 2012 Republican National Convention

Darrell Issa at the RNC

AirTalk continues to go in depth with Republican politicians on the ground in Tampa by sitting down with Darrell Issa (CA-49).
Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisor Robert O'Brien

What’s Romney’s vision beyond America’s borders?

Amid the expected discussion of the economy and health care, and the sudden conversation on rape and abortion—one major policy area has been missing from the campaigns: foreign policy.

San Diego: a model for the future Republican Party?

Many republicans in California are pointing to the San Diego contingency as a model for the future of the national Republican Party, both on fiscal and social issues.
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