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Ann Romney and Chris Christie get on the GOP soapbox, and more from Tampa

Mike Spence (L) and Doyle McManus (R) on AirTalk at the RNC.
Mike Spence (L) and Doyle McManus (R) on AirTalk at the RNC.
Lauren Osen/KPCC
Mike Spence (L) and Doyle McManus (R) on AirTalk at the RNC.
Larry and Colonel Oscar Poole from East Ellijay, Georgia (pop. 300) 75 miles north of Atlanta
Lauren Osen

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Last night, viewers of the Republican National Convention were treated to the first round of primetime speakers. Most notable were the keynote speaker, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and the presumptive nominee’s wife, Ann Romney.

Christie told his own personal story, and reminded Republicans that, “We win when we make it about what needs to be done; we lose when we play along with their game of scaring and dividing.” His speech is being heralded as a success by critics, both Republican and otherwise. Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Al Gore said that Christie showed his “trademark energy” and said it looks like his first step towards running for president in 2016.

Ann Romney delivered a beautiful speech according to most analysts, but some feel it might have lacked substance in the same way Mitt Romney’s critics attack the man himself.

Larry Mantle interviews alternate delegate Colonel Oscar Poole from East Ellijay, Georgia, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. Poole has owned Colonel Poole's Bar-B-Q for 23 years, and has been called the "Colonel Sanders of BBQ."

Weigh In:

What moments stood out to you last night? Did your impression of the candidate or the party change significantly? What can we be looking forward to seeing and hearing tonight? Who is making news so far today?


Doyle McManus, Washington Columnist, covering national and international politics, Los Angeles Times

Mike Spence, California Delegate; President, Conservative Republicans of California

Karen Bass, Democratic Congressman (CA-33) (West Los Angeles, Culver City, Ladera Heights and surrounding areas)

Colonel Oscar Poole Owner of Colonel Poole's Bar-B-Q in East Ellijay, Georgia