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What Paul Ryan brings to the Romney-Ryan ticket

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Romney jokes with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan. Win McNamee/Getty Images

Tonight, Paul Ryan will take the stage at the RNC as Mitt Romney’s official vice presidential running mate. And a recent Pew study shows that more people are interested to hear from him than the man at the top of the ticket.

Young, attractive and considered one of the more intellectually astute policy makers for the GOP, Ryan brings equal amounts of optimism from the right and skepticism from the left. He has set his sites on overhauling Medicare, the popular health insurance program, which makes him less popular with moderates and even older voters in his own base.

However, his budget plan is largely considered a blueprint for conservatives which among other things, would repeal the 2010 federal healthcare law and limit government spending up to 20 percent by 2015. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, it is Ryan’s fiscal policy that has energized the GOP base the most and gives Romney some much needed conservative credibility.

But the candidate remains largely unknown outside of those who follow politics closely, which is why his speech tonight will be the most anticipated of the convention so far. Are you going to watch Ryan's speech? What part of his policy are you most interested in hearing about? Do you think it was a good choice by Romney?


Manu Raju, Senior Congressional Reporter for POLITICO

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