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Your take on the Republican National Convention

by AirTalk

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View from inside the Republican National Convention as VP candidate Paul Ryan delivered his speech on Aug. 29, 2012. Gina Delvac/KPCC

Sweep up the red, white and blue confetti. Take down the banners. Deflate the balloons. The Republican National Convention is over. The politicians are clearing the stage and headed back to Washington or the campaign trail.

But now that they’re out of the way, we want to turn our attention to you. What did you think of Mitt Romney’s performance last night? What about the other speakers you saw throughout the week? And what about the convention overall?

Were you impressed with the Republicans and their general message? Did they succeed in contrasting their vision of America with President Barack Obama’s and the Democrats? Did anything over the past few days change the way you think about the election? Call in and let us know.


David Mark, Editor-in-Chief for and author of Going Dirty: The Art of Negative Campaigning

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