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RNC impact and election strategy

by AirTalk®

AirTalk producer Karen Fritsche snapped a pic of a car with a stuffed dog in a cage, apparently in reference to Mitt Romney's method of traveling with his family dog. Karen Fritsche/KPCC

With the Republican National Convention coming to a close, the election will be ratcheting it up over the next few months. Attacks will get more intense. Debates will show voters how the men running for their votes defend and present their own ideas.

Since the convention kicked off in Tampa, you can bet Democratic political consultants were drawing up plans in the war room for the Obama campaign. And with the Democratic National Convention launching on Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, the media gurus and event planners are making sure to respond to the speeches and performances at the RNC with effective rebuttals.

Besides, this is the Obama’s campaign last major chance to reframe itself to the American people before the debates.

How will what happened at the RNC affect the DNC? What issues arose this week that will certainly play out as talking points on the campaign trail? What strategies will the two parties and campaigns be employing until the big day in November?


Frank Stoltze, KPCC Reporter

Jonathan Wilcox, Republican strategist and former speech writer for Governor Pete Wilson

Darry A. Sragow, Attorney and longtime democratic strategist

Lauren Osen, KPCC producer

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