AirTalk for September 4, 2012

Governor Jerry Brown JPL Visit

Pension reform and other bills on the Governor’s desk

Last Friday, the California Assembly and Senate approved legislation encompassing sweeping changes to public pension programs.
California Governor-elect Arnold Schwarz

Chairman of the California Democrats compares GOP to Nazis

Yesterday, the chairman of the California Democratic Party made waves with his remarks about the GOP presidential campaign.
Hal David Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Remembering songwriter Hal David

Hal David, famed and award-winning composer and lyricist, passed away Saturday at the age of 91 after suffering a stroke.
As the Democratic Convention gets underway in Charlotte, law enforcement braces for the security challenges of tens of thousands of delegates, guests, politicians and protesters.
Eight miles high, and nothing to do but flip through the SkyMall catalogue.
In this photograph taken on February 17,
New brides and grooms have faced it for generations, now it’s grooms and grooms (or brides and brides) who have to put on a cheery face in response to the query “When are you planning to have children?”
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