AirTalk for September 5, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton Gives Closing Remarks At The Int'l AIDS Conference

Bill Clinton back in the saddle at the DNC

Tonight, Bill Clinton will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention.
Berdoo Bankrupt
Not willing to “go along just to get along” the San Bernardino City Council meeting for planned budget cuts went late into the night with no consensus being reached.
The space shuttle Endeavour has had a long journey, circling Earth over 4,600 times.
Skid Row Clean-up
Homeless citizens in urban areas across the nation, specifically those on Skid Row in Los Angeles, won a huge legal victory today.
2012 NHL Stanley Cup Final ? Game Three

SoCal sports fans had better play by the rules

Swearing, throwing drinks or even punches at games have become as much as the fan experience, for better or worse, as hot dogs and mustard.

Don’t leave a message after the beep

So many people are texting these days that voicemail, the technology which liberated us from our telephone lines decades ago, is now on the decline.
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