AirTalk for September 6, 2012

Walmart in Chinatown? Not so fast…

Plans for a Walmart in Chinatown may be derailed if two groups have their way.
There’s a new method of ranking California communities in regards to pollution, and some feel it could have a great impact on the state.
The Costa Mesa City Council approved a measure on Tuesday that proponents say significantly improves transparency on how taxpayer money is spent.
Of all the provisions in Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 bill, the most contentious of them was upheld Wednesday by a U.S. district judge.
Mercer 10962
For the ninth time in his career, Gil Cedillo has got his pet project to the governor’s desk.
Hollywood Sign

Do Hollywood tax credits pay off?

When we say Hollywood, we don’t mean the collection of t-shirt shops and tourist attractions just north of Sunset Blvd, we’re talking about the glamour and power of the film industry.
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